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venerdì, maggio 04, 2018

strengthen God's Army here on Earth 🙏

It is that is why I share passages from Our Good Book Bible daily. We have to strengthen God's Army here on Earth 🙏
È per questo che condivido quotidianamente i passaggi del nostro buon libro. Dobbiamo rafforzare l'esercito di Dio qui sulla terra 🙏

ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 1 h1 ora fa

A woman who travelled to India to tackle her depression was drugged, raped, beheaded & found hanged upside down in a forest. The attackers, local drug dealers, are now in custody. One has a history of sexually abusing men & women Lingua originale: inglese. Traduzione di Microsoft

Una donna che si recò in India per affrontare la sua depressione fu drogata, stuprata, decapitata e trovata impiccata a testa in giù in una foresta. Gli aggressori, spacciatori di droga locali, sono ora in custodia. Uno ha una storia di abusi sessuali uomini e donne https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6209289/irish-woman-india-depression-raped-beheaded-forest-liga-skromane/ …

Israel ישראל @Israel @giroditalia begins today in #Jerusalem and will continue throughout the country in the next two days. Good luck to all cyclists, make sure to drink lots of water 💦 in this hot ☀ weather. Welcome to Israel! #Giro101
@giroditalia inizia oggi in e continuerà in #Jerusalem tutto il paese nei prossimi due giorni. Buona fortuna a tutti i ciclisti, assicuratevi di bere molta acqua 💦 in questo caldo ☀ tempo. Benvenuti in Israele! 1 risposta 15 7 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 5 h5 ore fa

The wife of a jailed ISIS recruiter once again refuses to stand for a judge, saying she only stands for Allah. Sling her in jail. Lingua originale: inglese. Traduzione di Microsoft

La moglie di un reclutatore di Iside incarcerato ancora una volta si rifiuta di stare per un giudice, dicendo che sta solo per Allah. Fionda in prigione.

Nine News Australia #9News
9 News, nightly at 6.00pm.

180 483 566 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 19 h19 ore fa

Met undercover officer who had an unauthorised sexual relationship with an environmental campaigner has been dismissed from the police after a disciplinary hearing. He infiltrated left wing environmental &animal rights groups for 5 yrs Lingua originale: inglese. Traduzione di Microsoft

Incontrare ufficiale sotto copertura che ha avuto un rapporto sessuale non autorizzato con un attivista ambientale è stato licenziato dalla polizia dopo un'udienza disciplinare. Si è infiltrato nei gruppi ambientali e per i diritti degli animali di sinistra per 5 anni https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/may/03/met-dismisses-police-spy-who-tricked-activist-into-sexual-relationship-jim-boyling … 4 14 18 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 19 h19 ore fa

Sweden’s Minister of Social Affairs wants to inform migrants on sexual issues.The government concludes immigrants have a strange view of sex & togetherness in comparison with Swedes -I wonder if by ‘strange view’ she means violent rape Lingua originale: inglese. Traduzione di Microsoft

Il ministro svedese degli affari sociali vuole informare i migranti sulle questioni sessuali. Il governo conclude che gli immigrati hanno una strana visione di sesso e di insieme rispetto agli svedesi-mi chiedo se per ' strana visione ' lei significa stupro violento https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/05/migrants-in-sweden-to-receive-sex-education-as-they-have-completely-different-norms/ … 13 125 122 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 19 h19 ore fa

Police have arrested 2 men who were stowed away in the back of a Polish lorry. The men were detained at Oxford Services on the M40 after police escorted the truck off the motorway - I wonder how many arrived undiscovered today
17 83 82 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 20 h20 ore fa

Far-left group Hope Not Hate have been campaigning in local elections supporting Labour, this raises the question on the interference of foreign money in British politics as they’ve taken funding from George Soros
8 174 162 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 21 h21 ore fa

Regional police statistics show that 56.9% of crime in the German town of Sigmaringen was committed by asylum seekers last year. Crime that has increased significantly - drug offences, shoplifting, sexual offences & assaults Lingua originale: inglese. Traduzione di Microsoft

Le statistiche regionali della polizia dimostrano che la 56.9 c del crimine nella città tedesca di Sigmaringen è stata commessa dai richiedenti asilo l'anno scorso. Crimine che è aumentato significativamente-reati di droga, taccheggio, reati sessuali e assalti https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/05/more-than-56-per-cent-of-crimes-in-german-town-are-committed-by-asylum-seekers/ … 10 51 39 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 21 h21 ore fa

A man who tortured & murdered his partner at their home has been jailed for a minimum of 32yrs. Atual Mustafa battered Sohbia Khan to death with an iron following his release from a secure hospital for a similar attack on his ex wife
8 51 37 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 21 h21 ore fa

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson today insisted Afghan interpreters who served alongside British troops should be allowed to stay in the UK. He intervened after it emerged many faced ejection unless they pay government over £2,000 Lingua originale: inglese. Traduzione di Microsoft

Segretario alla difesa Gavin Williamson ha insistito oggi gli interpreti afghani che hanno servito accanto truppe britanniche dovrebbe essere consentito di rimanere nel Regno Unito. Intervenne dopo che è emerso molte espulsione affrontato a meno che non pagano governo oltre £2, 000 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5687617/Climbdown-plans-charge-Afghan-interpreters-stay-UK.html … 2 11 18 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 22 h22 ore fa

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras is set to be greeted with mass protests when he arrives on the island of Lesbos later today. Locals have rolled out banners,shut shops & held a general strike over his government’s handling of the migrant crisis
4 41 43 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 23 h23 ore fa

ISIS fanatics renew their warning of random attacks in cities in a new poster showing a gunman next to a blood soaked victim alongside the caption: YOU BROUGHT DEATH TO YOURSELVES - they’re right we have invited the wolf to the door
22 154 124 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 23 h23 ore fa

Organisers of the Grand Paris race have had to cancel this year’s planned run due to hundreds of migrants living in makeshift camps along the route - round them all up & deport who shouldn’t be there, it’s that simple
5 86 99 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 23 h23 ore fa

BIG FAT BURGLING GYPSY FUNERAL http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5686125/Mourners-todays-100-000-funeral-Hither-Green-burglar-Henry-Vincent-sing-Celine-Dions-Im-Angel.html …

41 79 97

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#IAMTOMMY‏ @TRobinsonOnline 1 g1 giorno fa

#IamTommy #tommyrobinson The cartoon this week features @HackneyAbbott #DayForFreedom https://youtu.be/v-4qjHLR65o 13 65 85

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ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 23 h23 ore fa

Free speech in universities has to be protected from chilling intolerance&over zealous regulations says the Universities Minister.He warned unfashionable&unpopular views should not be stifled -he’ll be called a fascist for saying that!
3 24 25

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QueenApostate‏ @QueenApostate 24 h24 ore fa
QueenApostate ha ritwittato Maryam Namazie

Black pride is ok? Black panthers are ok? The riots they cause are ok? But being proud of being white is abhorrent? So mixed race children are not allowed to be proud of their white parent? #Itsoktobewhite

QueenApostate ha aggiunto,

Maryam NamazieAccount verificato @MaryamNamazie
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Hmm, where have we heard "white pride" before? There is a reason why it is abhorred. 21 108 240 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 24 h24 ore fa

Hungary has hit back at EU over proposed changes to the EU budget that could see them miss out on millions in funding -punished financially for letting allowing their cultural identity to be ruined by mass immigration. Stand firm
10 91 132 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 24 h24 ore fa

A large scale raid was carried out at an asylum centre in Germany after a failed attempt to deport a Togolese man. The previous attempt was aborted as 200 asylum seekers hindered the police operation - send armed police next time
5 40 38 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 24 h24 ore fa

Brexit Secretary David Davis vowed to deal with Lords as Tories warned peers they were pushing through amendments to EU Withdrawal Bill at their peril - give us a referendum on the abolishment of HOL that’ll finish a few off
2 35 43 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 24 h24 ore fa

A leader of one of France’s biggest business consortiums has trashed Emmanuel Macron’s calls for luring British companies away from the UK after Brexit, arguing that France needs to reform itself before anything else
1 risposta 9 9 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 1 g1 giorno fa

A 16yr old gang rape victim has killed herself after being attacked by 8 men in India. She was one of two teenagers gang raped in separate incidents, highlighting a rape epidemic that shows no sign of abating despite tougher sentencing
2 36 14 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Areas of Bradford are No Go Zones for certain ethnic groups & the city is heading toward disaster,councillors have warned,citing attacks on a synagogue & white businesses in Asian areas. Young women don’t feel safe in parts of the town
114 576 422 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Residents in parts of England where ID trials are taking place have been barred from voting as they don’t have appropriate ID - it was made clear weeks before what ID was required so there’s no excuses
47 165 231 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

19 months after being filmed allegedly buying Class A illegal drugs for male prostitutes, Labour MP Keith Van has been referred to the police by the Commons ethics watchdog. - he wriggled out of it before because of ‘medical problems’
21 122 98 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

A man has allegedly produced a gun at an election polling station in Northern Ireland before fleeing as police were called. - it might be how Sinn Féin persuade people to vote for them
1 risposta 8 13 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

A United Nations special envoy has been sent to Britain to probe whether or not the country has become more racist due to Brexit. - no it hasn’t but Brexit created lots of cry babies & liars
17 42 56 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

A video shows the horrifying moment a woman in Iran is dragged off the street by the country’s fierce morality police. The woman can be seen grappling with an officer before being shoved into the back of a car
5 24 10 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

The British government acted more like an Islamic State when it barred foreign journalists Lauren Southern & Brittany Pettibone from its shores, a Christian lobby group has claimed
3 58 79 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Two lifeboat volunteers have been sacked in a row over pictures of naked women on mugs in the workplace. They were branded a ‘safeguarding risk’ as visiting schoolchildren might see them - they go in a cupboard out of sight
15 24 30 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

A top psychiatrist has has denied any link between jihadist radicalism & mental illness. He profiled the average Islamic terrorist as being a young man with a criminal or prison history, especially of petty crime with violence
3 26 21 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Poll shows Brits believe some non-white migrant groups have made more of a positive impact on the country than other groups indicating the nation isn’t racist in its views on immigration Culture rather than race is important for most
13 62 90 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Former Swedish PM has slammed the current coalition government for having no plan to deal with the migration crisis of 2015 Many areas in Sweden are raising taxes to pay for the increased costs to social services due to mass migration
1 risposta 13 14 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

A Muslim man has appeared in court in France for threatening to blow up a cathedral with a hand grenade. He barged into the cathedral shouting “it is the Quran that must be read” & said he had a grenade & would blow up the church
9 52 37 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

James Bulger killer Jon Venables could get taxpayer funded plastic surgery to further protect his anonymity. - I’m sure there’s many people out there who would gladly rearrange his face & more for free
16 73 107 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

KEEPING IT CLASSY Nasty scenes at the funeral of Hither Green burglar as mourners attack journalists forcing police to surge towards mob
6 15 10 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Locals in Hither Green block the streets to ensure the funeral procession of burglar Harry Vincent cannot pass. - They shouldn’t have to do this but because of the flower shrine chaos they know they can’t trust the police Rachael Venables 59 524 1.010 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

ALL ABOARD The next free money train has rolled into town. First we had Grenfell, now we have the Windrush train. - I wonder if they’ve learnt anything from Grenfell & proper checks will be made to stop the opportunists making fraudulent claims

2 10 18 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Police will step up patrols in Hither Green as family&friends of burglar Henry Vincent turn out for his funeral today Police have said a large number are expected for the funeral procession but they don’t believe it will enter Lewisham
9 12 10 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Today is the local council elections for many across the country. Please remember - don’t be like tw@t don’t vote Labour

4 39 50 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

UKIP peer Lord Pearson has claimed that if current population trends continue, England could have a Muslim majority population within the next 49 years. - Let that sink in
28 106 87 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to ease nuclear tensions with North Korea. Scenes below from shithole London’s Labour HQ upon hearing the news. GO DONALD https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/donald-trump-nominated-for-nobel-peace-prize-for-efforts-to-ease-nuclear-tensions-with-north-korea-a3829846.html … 3 31 56 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

A woman was raped & stabbed repeatedly on her way home from a night out in east London Somali Sabir Sharife stalked the woman then attacked,the woman’s hands were severely severed as she tried desperately to stop him cutting her throat
121 457 228 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Brexit backing ministers & newly appointed Home Secretary Sajid Javid declared victory after a crunch Cabinet meeting failed to back Theresa May’s plans for a customs partnership with Brussels
3 11 14 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

The great nephew of 1960s Secretary of State For War John Profumo has been arrested as he returned to UK after allegedly travelling to Syria to fight ISIS. He’s one of dozens of Westerns who’ve fought with Kurdish rebels against ISIS
2 7 7 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Lutfur Rahman the Tower Hamlets Mayor who was found guilty of electoral fraud & mis-spending council funds is back with a new party called Aspire. - he should not be allowed near UK politics again.
1 risposta 25 28 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

Lord Lamont: I’ve always backed the House of Lords. But after this Brexit power grab, my colleagues are forcing me to reconsider. - The upper house has created a potential constitutional crisis all of their own doing
5 50 60 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 3 mag

The European Commission has announced a €13billion Defence Fund paving the way for closer EU military integration. - wouldn’t surprise me if they use this in Brexit negotiations, making us part of this EU army catastrophe
3 34 26

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#IAMTOMMY‏ @TRobinsonOnline 2 mag

#TommyRobinson talks In detail about all the plans for this Sunday's #DayForFreedom event in London must watch full video https://youtu.be/k11tpl_heh0 18 487 635

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Jack Dawkins‏ @MossadJack 2 mag

State of this, Antifa training in local council buildings, watch and RT, only 3mins long, must see. https://www.bitchute.com/video/y7D4bZfmspuD/ … #BitChute
22 67 52 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

A man & woman have both been charged with fraud relating to the Grenfell Tower fire. Elaine Douglas & Tommy Brooks were charged with 3 counts of fraud & remanded in custody.
14 71 66

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ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

House of Lords have dealt a tenth defeat to Government on Brexit legislation after ministers were warned they’re playing with fire in Northern Ireland The amendment requires compatibility with the Good Friday Agreement & no hard border
5 11 11 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

A 17yr old who pledged allegiance to ISIS has been arrested for allegedly plotting a mass ISIS-inspired shooting attack at a shopping centre in Texas
3 23 16 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

While violent crime in the UK continues to soar a man in Dunfermline was arrested and charged for the crime of possessing a potato peeler in public. The man who has significant learning difficulties will be sentenced on 16/5
14 88 59 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Theresa May’s spokesman has said the PM wants bullying allegations against John Bercow (HOC Speaker) to be investigated. Bercow is accused of shouting, swearing & throwing things at members of staff during his frequent temper tantrums
21 42 49 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag
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The gift that keeps on giving

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#Marcher @MarcherLord1
Managed a shot before she deleted it. #TeamHopeless 7 36 57 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Telford paedophile child rapists were disrupted & dispersed by police after they were spotted at nightclub events aimed at under-18s in Shrewsbury. - ‘disrupted & dispersed’ - PATHETIC
21 148 93 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Only 15% of refugees who have been permitted to work in the Netherlands since 2014 are in employment. Data shows the vast majority of refugees have remained unemployed & living off welfare since they were granted work permits
6 81 57 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Poll: more Brits back Trump visit than oppose. Less than a third of British adults are opposed to Trump visiting the UK & more back the trip than those who are against it. - It’s still embarrassing! We welcome you Donald
8 58 85 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Police have cordoned an area in Canterbury after receiving reports a suspicious package was sent to Canterbury mosque. The package contained unidentified white powder. - I’m sure Theresa May will be holding a cobra meeting as we speak
27 74 116 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

In a virtue signalling pukefest Amber Rudd asks Parliament to share admiration for the work & bravery counter terrorism police, emergency services & security services do - they mop up the results of continuous government failings BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics Former home secretary's question from the backbenches
Lunchtime political debate and films with @jo_coburn @afneil @BBCsarahsmith live six days a week when Parliament is sitting #bbcdp on weekdays - #bbcsp on Sundays

11 16 34 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Manchester transport bosses slam the backlash they’ve received over messages on buses reading “For the Love of Allah” a year after the terror attack as totally unacceptable - remove the signs & discipline whoever authorised them
171 563 684 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

A Conservative candidate has been suspended after old tweets emerged where she compared Islam to Nazism & said she was confused why Muslims would choose to live in the West. - personally I’d have hit the like button for those tweets
28 138 224 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Staff at an immigration removal centre used force against detainees more than 300 times last year. It cited a spike in violence on both detainees & on staff, attempted escapes & protests - third world savage behaviour - DEPORT
12 54 58 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

A woman was forced to appear in the same court as a former partner accused of raping her as she could not afford a lawyer & wasn’t eligible for legal aid. Meanwhile in Telford child grooming rapists received £2.5million in Legal Aid
17 359 250

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#IAMTOMMY‏ @TRobinsonOnline 2 mag

#IAmTommy New promo #DayForFreedom 6th May 3pm Whitehall. Join the biggest #freespeech event in the UK 5 111 136

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ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

A YouGov poll shows big public support for the Conservatives & Labour to put in place a more strict migration policy. 44% of Brits say the Tory stance on immigration isn’t strict enough - the other 56% need to wake up sharpish
1 risposta 15 14 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Labour are outraged over a UKIP leaflet distributed in Rochdale claims politically correct councils looked the other way while grooming gangs raped children -Jay report on Rotherham clarifies this point. It’ll be the same in every town
68 349 389

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Jack Dawkins‏ @MossadJack 2 mag

Pic 1: invaders smash up Paris. Pic 2: leftists smash up Paris. Scum hand in hand.

14 259 340 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Shocking new figures have revealed the scale of the problem facing police investigating grooming cases in Staffordshire & Derbyshire over the last 5 years 6,341 grooming offences were recorded in England &Wales from 1/4/2013-31/12/2017
3 55 21 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

British Transport Police detectives are appealing for the public’s help in finding a man wanted in connection with sexual assaults on trains between Romford & Liverpool Street
3 55 22 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Iain Duncan Smith reveals unelected peers who voted against the Brexit bill think British voters aren’t intelligent enough to know what they want He said they’re arrogant & have said appalling things about the public -ABOLISH THE LORDS
15 178 198 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

A federal judge has ordered Iran to pay $6billion to families of the victims of 9/11 after he found evidence they provided material support to al Qaeda. The ruling comes as families announced plans for a court case against Saudi Arabia
4 22 21 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Hither Green burglar Henry Vincent’s fraudster father lives in a £1.7m home his wife bought from a pensioner for a sixth of its value The pensioner still lives there,locals are concerned for his welfare&he disinherited his own daughter
13 116 63 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

The Brexit 17.4million voted for is being mugged by the very people meant to implement it. When the masses lose faith in democracy, bad things happen
2 61 78 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

The Swedish county of Blekinge has released a report showing the effect of mass migration on the area which has stretched local resources & led to an increase in drug problems. - I wonder what the figures are for crime increase
0 28 22 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

EU Foreign Policy Chief proposes a huge 30% increase in the foreign aid budget for 2021-2027 in a bid to increase its influence in the world. The budget would total £108billion. EU aid money was used to fund trapeze lessons in Tanzania
9 34 25 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Email received to announce Parliament will debate the petition to abolish the House of Lords on 18 June. Should be fun to watch - no way will they give up the retirement home for failed politicians as they all know they’ll be sent to graze there one day

6 39 50 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

A man arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences relating to the Syrian conflict has been released under investigation. The man was arrested in Folkestone yesterday as he arrived in the UK from France. -bail for suspected terrorists
70 294 219 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Theresa May faces rebellion as 60 MPs, spearheaded by chief Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg, have warned the PM against compromising Britain’s full exit from the EU - including leaving the single market & customs union
18 66 101 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

Mohammed Khan has denied supporting Islamic State but admitted posting material on social media to spread terror & fear & that he had a hatred for Shiite Muslims. His twitter profile picture shows him in front of the ISIS flag Lingua originale: inglese. Traduzione di Microsoft

Mohammed Khan ha negato il sostegno dello stato islamico, ma ha ammesso il materiale sui social media per diffondere il terrore e la paura e che aveva un odio per i musulmani sciiti. La sua immagine profilo Twitter gli mostra di fronte alla bandiera Isis https://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/crime/sunderland-off-licence-boss-denies-supporting-islamic-state-1-9144451 … 4 60 42 ProActive Patriots‏ @ActivePatriots 2 mag

A man has died & another injured after they were shot in NW London The number of people killed in violence in London this year now totals 59 - meanwhile Sadiq Khan cracks on organising protests against Trump’s visit #PartAndParcel

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