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lunedì, aprile 30, 2018

Erdogan ha detto che la LEGA ARABA

Erdogan ha detto che la LEGA ARABA è un posto dove gli schiavi dhimmis non devono sopravvivere!

“God asked me a question: ‘Askar, if not you, who will worship and serve Me in #Uzbekistan?’” Uzbekistan has little tolerance for any religious activity outside of state-run and controlled institutions. Here’s how you can #pray for this country, http://ow.ly/hLcL30jD8mo

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#Pray for comfort and strength for Christian youth in #Tunisia who are #rejected for their #faith and face pressure from non-believing family members.

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#Pray for Christians in #Tunisia who are #persecuted. Many of them lose #hope and find it difficult to continue living a Christian life in a very strongly Muslim society. #Pray that they will know God is always with them.

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WATCH: Thank you for helping to provide persecuted believers, like 'Vang' from Vietnam, with homes and shelter who, in the face of danger, choose to remain on the frontlines of our faith to spread the Gospel ,

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#Pray for greater freedom for the Church in #Ethiopia, and for God to change the hearts of Ethiopian #government officials.

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In #Ethiopia, #persecution is common in the context of family and community. In many cases, Christians are denied community resources and are #discriminated against when looking for work. #Pray that the Lord will provide for the Church in Ethiopia.

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'Paulus' lives in #SoutheastAsia. Through a weekly #discipleship class he teaches the Bible to a group of more than 20 local lay leaders, all of whom come from a Muslim background. He has been doing so for more than a #decade. Read more http://ow.ly/leKP30jCNBV

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#Pray for the #salvation of the government authorities in #Kazakhstan who seek to suppress or #eradicate #Christianity.

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#Pray for those in #Kazakhstan who are #beaten and #imprisoned for leaving Islam and turning to Christ. Pray that they will experience peace and rest in #Jesus as they live out their faith under such difficult circumstances.

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#Pray with Christian #migrant workers in #Qatar, that the Lord will give them opportunities to show the love of #Christ to their #Qatari #employers.

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#Christians living in most countries listed on the #WWL2018, experience limited freedom, like freedom of religion and expression. #Pray that they will experience an inner freedom of being loved by the Lord through the presence of the Holy Spirit. http://ow.ly/kMT330jz7W9

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#Pray for Christian converts in #Qatar who feel that they cannot share their #faith with their Muslim family members because of the #dangers. Pray that they will have wisdom and #discernment and boldness in sharing their faith.

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Christians in #Brunei are not allowed to evangelise. #Pray that God will grant His people #wisdom and #boldness in sharing #Jesus.

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#NorthKorean #Christians are the most persecuted believers in the world. If their faith is discovered, they are executed or sent to a labour camp. But God’s hand is at work in this country and you can be a part of what He’s doing, http://ow.ly/6G1O30jAF41

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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 26 apr

Pakistan's top judge will take #AsiaBibi's case into his own hands. The case is a test of the country's notorious anti-#blasphemy laws, which have drawn worldwide condemnation. But the laws are fiercely defended by #Pakistan's Muslim majority.

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Open Doors‏ 26 apr

#Pray for underground believers in #Brunei who strongly feel the weight of persecution – the country is so small that there is nowhere for them to run if their faith in #Christ is #exposed. Pray that the Lord will be their shield and reward.

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#Pray for a Christian family in #Bangladesh who is currently experiencing lots of #persecution, “We are ready to die, because we know we will go to heaven. Pray that we will stand firm in our faith in #Jesus till our death,” this couple from a Muslim background asks.

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UPDATE: Trial of US pastor #Brunson put on hold. Read more, http://ow.ly/5kQ130jEpGg

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#Pray for the Christians in #Nepal who face the ever-present threat of violence and attacks from Hindu radicals. Pray that the Lord will protect them and that they will sense God’s presence and #love for them.

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The adoption of anti-conversion law in #Nepal has legitimised the #persecution of #Christians, as they are perceived as proselytising. #Pray for #protection and #wisdom for #Christians in reaching out to their friends and family with the #Gospel.

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Christians in #Syria experience heavy persecution, yet some are determined to stay and reach their fellow countrymen with the #Gospel. Read more about the current situation for #persecuted Christians in Syria here, http://ow.ly/mKhH30jyooy

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#Pray for the #persecuted Christian minorities in #Myanmar, that they would lovingly minister to persecuted #Rohingya Muslims who are facing #genocide. Pray that many #hearts would be opened to the truth of #Christ.

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In #Myanmar, #Christian converts from Islam or Buddhism face strong pressure from their family, friends, and #neighbours to recant their faith. #Pray that they will have courage to stand strong in the faith amid discouraging circumstances.

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When we read about what is happening in #North Korea and what #Christians go through, we may wonder whether it’s really true ... Watch this first-hand account - an interview with North Korean believers,

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#JOB OPPORTUNITY: Become part of an exciting vision to strengthen the Body of Christ which is being persecuted in many areas around the world – join our team! The following position has become #vacant, #Travel and #Finance Assistant. More info here, http://ow.ly/WpLi30jCXUr

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#Pray for the protection of secret gatherings of #Believers from a Muslim Background (#BMB) in #Malaysia and that these times of fellowship would be encouraging and #unifying.

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New converts in #Malaysia are often kicked out of their homes, isolated from their families and communities, and sent to Islamic re-education camps. #Pray that God will give them strength and courage to remain faithful.

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#Romans8 means so much to millions of #persecuted believers who literally face #death, #war and #resistance… What #Bibleverse are you leaning into at the moment? Share it with us in the comments below. http://ow.ly/cuKj30jypAb

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The regime in #Tajikistan puts heavy pressure on “deviating” groups, such as #Christians. #Pray that this #pressure would lessen and that the country would become more open to Christianity.

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#Pray for Christians in #Tajikistan who are under surveillance by the authorities and who are beaten and pressured to renounce their #faith by their families. #Pray that they will stand strong as they face persecution from many sides.

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“People look at us Christians like #outsiders,” says ‘Tun’. As the government laws state that being Burmese means being a Buddhist, which results in Christians being #persecuted. Still Tun considers it great joy to spread the Good News in #Myanmar. http://ow.ly/wkrv30jr762

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#Pray for #wisdom and #strategy for the Church in #Jordan to reach #refugees in need and for opportunities to share the #Gospel.

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#Pray for Christian converts in #Jordan who are interrogated by police and #abused or #abducted by family members because of their Christian #faith. #Pray that the Lord will protect and heal them.

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#Pray for #wisdom for Christians in #Laos to share the Gospel with their Buddhist #family members and #friends.

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WATCH THIS VIDEO: Bomb blast survivor, Trinity (5) sings "I am happy to be God’s child." Trinity’s father recently sent us this clip where Trinity pretends to be playing a guitar, while she sings “I am happy to be God’s child.”

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The government of #Laos is strictly opposed to any influence deemed foreign or Western. They, therefore, put enormous pressure on the small #Christian #minority. #Pray for an increased openness and acceptance towards #Christianity.

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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 19 apr

#Sudan charges more #Christians, increasing pressure on #churches in dispute over #property.

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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 19 apr

Muslim mob pelted church with stones while shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ and ‘We don’t want a church in our village’.

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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 19 apr

"#MiguelDíazCanel has publicly declared that he is not a reformer and that he will defend the ideals of the revolution" - Observatory of #ReligiousFreedom in #LatinAmerica

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#Pray for the Christians in #Turkmenistan to be #fearless and #bold in sharing the #Gospel. #Pray that the Church will continue to grow.

0 5 5 Open Doors‏ 19 apr

Saman* and Darya* were part of the same passionate and fast-growing house church network in Iran. But one night, state police raided their meetings, and a large group of the church was imprisoned. Read more, http://ow.ly/btHg30jvw4h

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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 17 apr

Dead bodies were often piled up outside a crematorium too small to dispose of them all, so inmates would have to chop them up into smaller pieces - former North Korean prisoner

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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 18 apr

World Watch Monitor ha ritwittato Donald J. Trump

US President #DonaldTrump speaks out over imprisoned #AndrewBrunson, calling him a "fine gentleman and Christian leader ... being #persecuted in #Turkey for no reason. They call him a Spy, but I am more a Spy than he is" - @realDonaldTrump

World Watch Monitor ha aggiunto,

Donald J. TrumpAccount verificato @realDonaldTrump
Pastor Andrew Brunson, a fine gentleman and Christian leader in the United States, is on trial and being persecuted in Turkey for no reason. They call him a Spy, but I am more a Spy than he is. Hopefully he will be allowed to come home to his beautiful family where he belongs! 1 6 6
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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 18 apr

"They dragged the #pastor by the collar and started punching him on the road” - #Christians reacts to #church attack in #Chhattisgarh, eastern #India

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#Pray for Believers from a Muslim Background in #Turkmenistan who are severely #pressured to return to Islam. They bear the brunt of #persecution in Turkmenistan. Pray for God’s protection over them and #endurance to stand strong in the #faith.

0 7 6 Open Doors‏ 18 apr

#Pray that the family members of Vietnamese converts will find #Christ through their #testimonies.

0 1 0 Open Doors‏ 18 apr

PRAYER ALERT: Trinity is healing well, while Alvaro’s healing progress has been slower (pictured here). Read full alert here, http://ow.ly/k44d30jx0cc

0 5 1 Open Doors‏ 18 apr

As the Christian minority in #Vietnam grows, the government works hard to monitor churches and to curb their growth. #Pray for a loosening of #restrictions and increased #freedom in the country.

0 7 3 Open Doors‏ 17 apr

emergency support to Christians in #Nigeria, but also aims to support them with thenecessities they are denied, like water! Read more about how persecution affects Christians living in Nigeria, #14th on the #WWL2018 http://ow.ly/lRYg30jqWnp

0 1 3 Open Doors‏ 17 apr

Today, #pray that new Christian converts in #Egypt, who may experience rejection from their non-Christian families, will experience God’s care. 0 10 16

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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 16 apr

Day 1 of US pastor Andrew Brunson's espionage trial in Turkey did not go well. The court ruled that Day 2 won't be until 7 May, then sent him back to the over crowded jail where he was first held. https://goo.gl/fKSpTJ

0 14 5 Open Doors‏ 17 apr

Christians in #Egypt have been left feeling discouraged and fearful due to the countless attacks on them since 2016. #Pray that God will give them a renewed sense of #hope and that He will bring even the leaders of Islamist groups to #Christ.

0 7 14 Open Doors‏ 16 apr

#Pray that Christian parents and children across Asia will seek the Lord’s heart concerning their #future and that they would have a bold confidence that the Lord will surely guide their #footsteps all of their days. http://ow.ly/Rhh430jr3ZB

0 3 7 Open Doors‏ 16 apr

#Pray that the Christians in #Uzbekistan who are #threatened, #fined and #arrested for the sake of Christ, will not stop #believing in God.

0 7 4 Open Doors‏ 16 apr

The government in #Uzbekistan will do anything to remain in power - all forms of opposition and deviations from the norm are attacked, making Christians vulnerable to #persecution. #Pray for change and for the acceptance of Christianity in Uzbekistan.

0 4 7 Open Doors‏ 15 apr

How have you been using what you have, for His #glory? “Holy Spirit, reveal to us what we have and how we can use it to serve You and to make a difference in Your #Kingdom. Amen” http://ow.ly/dYt130jr1yG

0 2 7 Open Doors‏ 15 apr

#Pray that the Lord will intervene in the country of #Syria as the people continue to suffer much from the #war.

0 9 11 Open Doors‏ 15 apr

In #Syria, support for providing basic necessities is still very much needed amid the ongoing war. #Pray that the locals will remain #encouraged by the help they receive. Pray also for spiritual encouragement and strength.

0 7 15 Open Doors‏ 14 apr

In the northern states of #Nigeria with a Muslim majority, #Christian communities are #neglected and often left without clean water, clinics and roads. Pray that the Lord will provide for their physical needs.

0 1 6 Open Doors‏ 14 apr

WATCH THIS VIDEO: #Chibok won’t #celebrate until every one of her daughters has been released. Today, four years later, still some girls are captured... #bringbackourgirls

0 0 3 Open Doors‏ 14 apr

Northern #Nigeria is predominantly Muslim and is likely to continue to be a #dangerous place for Christians. #Pray for the protection of many Christians who are internally #displaced in that region.

0 8 12 Open Doors‏ 13 apr

Many #Maldivians want to leave the country due to restricted #freedoms. They often seek solace in #drugs. Local media reports that drug #abuse has become the biggest societal issue in the country. #Pray that Maldivians will turn to #Jesus to experience true #freedom. 0 6 4 Open Doors‏ 13 apr

“The #light shines in the #darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5). Let us remember to be #ambassadors of #Christ, to shine and do good to others. So that our lights, shining together, can light up the world and drive out the darkness! http://ow.ly/pKw730jhYZd

0 6 8 Open Doors‏ 13 apr

#Pray for the discipleship of #secret believers in the #Maldives. It continues to be very challenging because of security and unity issues. #Pray for God to provide answers and solutions about how to overcome these hindrances.

0 7 8 Open Doors‏ 12 apr

#Pray that #Saudis who have recently embraced the truth of the #Gospel would become strong and mature in #Christ. Also, pray that they would #disciple others until the whole country knows Jesus Christ.

0 2 7 Open Doors‏ 12 apr

VIDEO: Remember the brave couple from #CentralAsia, Tammar and Nadine who experienced intense pressure and heartache (after losing their baby due to persecution stress)? Thank you for being a pillar of strength to them. #Watch this,

0 2 1 Open Doors‏ 12 apr

#Saudi Arabia is defined by Wahhabism – a purist and strict interpretation of Islam. It is forbidden to openly practice other #religions, making conversion punishable by #death. #Pray that Saudi Muslims will come to know Jesus despite this.

0 5 5 Open Doors‏ 11 apr

If you were #threatened and #abused for your faith in #Jesus, how would you respond? Christians suffering #persecution wrestle with this dilemma every day... In lieu thereof Open Doors offers 'Standing Strong Through the Storm Training'. Take a look here, http://ow.ly/Mv6C30jlOIZ

0 4 8 Open Doors‏ 11 apr

#Pray with Christians in #India for God’s provision and protection over them as they boldly evangelise in states with anti-conversion laws. Pray that they will be wise in their #evangelism efforts.

0 1 6 Open Doors‏ 11 apr

The assertiveness of all kinds of Hindu organisations has increased in #India in recent years; they claim that to be Indian is to be Hindu. #Pray for strength for Christian converts from Hinduism who are forcefully pressured to return to Hinduism.

0 4 12 Open Doors‏ 10 apr

Crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Everything about the #Maldives seems picturesque. Yet the situation for Christians in this so-called “paradise”, ranked #13 on the #WWL2018 is dire. http://ow.ly/Rd8k30ji1Kd

0 4 4 Open Doors‏ 10 apr

#Pray for Christians in #Iran who have been cursed and disowned by their non-Christian families for choosing to follow #Christ.

0 5 9 Open Doors‏ 10 apr

In #Iran all laws must be consistent with the official interpretation of sharia law. Any Muslim who leaves Islam may face the death penalty. #Pray for Iranian Christians for the #wisdom and #righteousness of Daniel and his friends, when their faith in Jesus is challenged. 0 5 14 Open Doors‏ 9 apr

The war in #Yemen is helping extremists from Al-Qaeda and IS move freely through the country. They are extremely aggressive towards #Christians. #Pray that God will touch the hearts of extremists, so they will embrace the #Gospel.

0 4 6 Open Doors‏ 9 apr

PRAYER ALERT: Pastor Andrew #Brunson set to stand trial in #Turkey. If the pastor is found guilty, he could be jailed for up to 35 years. Read more, http://ow.ly/lEVt30jlQjN

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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 6 apr

"Through #Christianity, attempts are being made to push #Nepal into conflict” - Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa

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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 6 apr

Zhang Wenshi was convicted of “conspiring to #evangelise people in #NorthKorea, smuggle them out of the country and subvert the regime” - @AsiaNewsEN

0 6 4 Open Doors‏ 9 apr

The war in #Yemen is helping extremists from Al-Qaeda and Islamic State to move freely through the country. They are extremely aggressive towards Christians. #Pray that God will touch the hearts of these extremists, so that they may embrace the #Gospel.

0 3 8 Open Doors‏ 8 apr

You can do #difficult things… If the Lord could strengthen George to #forgive, He can strengthen you to conquer whatever you are faced with right now. Take heart! Read George's testimony here, http://ow.ly/nNjz30ji1gG

0 2 3 Open Doors‏ 8 apr

#Pray for the church leaders ministering in #Iraq, that they might be living examples of Christ’s presence. #Pray for the Body of Christ to keep #hope alive in this country that has endured so much.

0 7 9 Open Doors‏ 8 apr

Thank God for some of the many Internally Displaced Persons (#IDP) in #Iraq who have been able to return to their villages on the Nineveh Plain since the self-proclaimed Islamic State was driven out. #Pray that they will know that God is with them as they rebuild their lives. 0 3 17 Open Doors‏ 7 apr

"I am really grateful to those who think, worry, pray for me and my family. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for such a wonderful family, I am not alone in my prison – that is great! Thank you!" Imprisoned pastor, Bahrom, from #Tajikistan, http://ow.ly/HPwC30jbnIW 0 2 7 Open Doors‏ 7 apr

#Pray that many unbelievers would hear the #Gospel through Arabic satellite and web broadcasts in #Libya. #Pray for new believers, for their #protection, and for opportunities to cultivate and grow in their #faith.

1 7 10 Open Doors‏ 7 apr

#Pray for the growing Church of Believers from a Muslim Background in #Libya, especially those who are #isolated from other believers. #Pray that they will experience God’s presence and that they will be able to safely find other Christians to fellowship with. 0 6 11 Open Doors‏ 6 apr

#Pray for #endurance for our Christian brothers and sisters imprisoned in #Eritrea under horrific conditions and that they may be lights to their captors in the midst of it all.

4 10 16 Open Doors‏ 6 apr

If you had the opportunity to ask a #NorthKorean any question, what would you ask? For example, how do they celebrate birthdays and weddings - any question. We are looking forward to hearing from you, http://ow.ly/HPwC30jbnIW

1 3 6 Open Doors‏ 6 apr

In #Eritrea, Christians face pressure from the ruling government as they are seen as agents of the West and, thus, a threat to state and government. Join the local Church as they pray that their rulers will have a change of heart.

0 3 8 Open Doors‏ 5 apr

#Pray for #Pakistani Believers from a Muslim Background who suffer the brunt of the persecution in Pakistan. Radical Islamist groups see them as apostates, and their family, friends and neighbours see their conversion as shameful to the community.

0 15 12 Open Doors‏ 5 apr

Despite life becoming harder for Christians in North Korea – #1 on the #WWL2018– we are seeing that more North Koreans are coming to Christ and feeling ‘renewed’. Read more, http://ow.ly/KFNQ30jbkov

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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 4 apr

#LeahSharibu, 15, walked for 3 days and, hungry and exhausted, asked for help from #Fulani family, her friend told @guardian. “So you're the missing girls we’ve heard about on the radio,” one said, and returned them to #BokoHaram's camp.

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World Watch Monitor‏ @wwmonitor 4 apr

Recent violence in #Seko and its surroundings in #CAR claimed 46 lives, including a priest's - @inganji1 @OCHA_CAR