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tortured in Sinai 2

    1. Tears of Eritrea - Kings School of Media

      This film echoes the journey of Eritreans who are being captured and held in the Sinai and tortured for the financial gain of ...
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    2. Eritreans Victims of Human Trafficking in Sinai,Egypt

      • di EYSC UK
      • 1 anno fa
      • 36.253 visualizzazioni
      Eritreans Victims of Human Trafficking in Sinai,Egypt What can you do to help? * Urge the Egyptian government to stop the human ...
      • HD
    3. ASSENNA: VOICES OF TORTURE FROM SINAI:65 Years Old Eritrean Hostage Being Beaten Up by Traffickers

      The crimes of the Sinai Bedouin traffickers know no boundaries. When it comes to torturing their victims, they don't care whether ...

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    5. Voice of Assenna: Voices of Torture from Sinai victims

      Eritrean refugees in Israel who carry deep physical and psychological scares due to the despicable suffering they went through in ...
    6. Eritrean refugees protest in front of the USA embassy, Tel Aviv, Israel, 29.6.2012.wmv

      Eritrean refugees protest in front of the USA embassy in Tel Aviv , June 29, 2012. Protesters were demanding the American ...
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    7. Kidnapped, Tortured Eritrean Refugee Rescued

      Kidnapped, Tortured Eritrean Refugee Rescued.
      • HD
    8. Sound of Torture | Official Trailer

      Documentary, 58', Israel 2013 A film by Keren Shayo A Trabelsi Production International Sales: First Hand Films Live calls from ...
      • HD
    9. Voice of Assenna: Voices of Torture from Sinai

      Eritrean refugees in Israel who have been victims of human trafficking speak about their ordeal in Sinai.
    10. Sinai hostage camps: THOUSANDS of people KILLED and tortured...

      • di IN THE NOW
      • 1 settimana fa
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      Armies of African refugees are seeking asylum in Israel but become targets of human traffickers, who set up their torture camps in ...
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    11. Eritrean Refugees Tragedy in SINAI Desert.

      • di ERrefuge
      • 3 anni fa
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      Interview with Eritrean Hostages in Sinai Desert [Egypt] with Meron Estifanos. * * * * * * * * * * Please help transcribe and translate ...
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    12. please help eritreans suffering in sinai and shegerab

      An appeal to eritreans and eritrean friends: Please please help the suffering eritreans, who are beeing kidnaped from Sudan's ...
    13. Sister Azezet

      Sister Azezet talks about the kidnap and torture of Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees in the Sinai.
      • HD
    14. Assenna: Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia Comment on Human Trafficking and Sinai Tragedy

      Eritrean refugees in Mai Ayni and Adi Harish camps (Ethiopia) comment on the issue of human trafficking and the tragedy in Sinai, ...
    15. ASSENNA: Hiryti Dies in Sinai Due to Repetitive Torture & Severe Burns

      Do you remember, Hiriyti, the amputee young woman, who was featured on Radio Assenna "Voices of Torture from Sinai"?
    16. #Eritrea: Rashida Human Smugglers training camp in Eritrea with PFDJ help

      Every month thousands of Eritrean refugees are smuggled and kidnapped by bedouin gangs in Eritrea and Sudan called the ...
    17. Sudan, Egypt: Traffickers Who Torture

      Traffickers have kidnapped, tortured, and killed refugees, most from Eritrea, in eastern Sudan and Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, ...
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    18. 30.000 Ethiopians Kidnapped In 7 Years

      Up to 30000 Eritreans have been abducted since 2007 and taken to Egypt's Sinai to suffer torture and ransom demands, new ...

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